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Discount 30% on Wood-Mizer thickness planer, planer and profiler

Wood-Mizer UK is offering a generous discount of 30% on some of our thicknessing, planing and profiling machines until 31 January 2024! It's the perfect time to upgrade your workshop and enjoy top technology at friendly prices.

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional woodworker, Wood-Mizer Romania offers a wide range of woodworking machines to turn your projects into true works of art.

Here are some good value for money options, I say. The prices have the discount applied.

  1. MP160 Thickness Levelling / Straightening Machine - îStarting at €3,535
  2. MP180 Multifunctional Planer - îStarting at €4,760
  3. MP200 Profiling / Planing Machine - îStarting at €4,270
  4. MP220 Profiling / Planing / Cutting Machine - îStarting at €3,535
  5. MS300 Circular Saw - îStarting at €4,095
  6. MF130 Vertical Shaft Profiling Machine - îStarting at €5,530

More details about prices and offers can be found on the following page

But that's not all! If you are looking for a 4-sided planer/trimmer, Wood-Mizer Romania has a surprise for you! You can order the MP360 - such a 4-sided planer/profiler - and get another machine for FREE! And this offer is valid until 31 January 2024.

The options for the free car are:

  1. MP160 Thickness Levelling / Straightening Machine (MP160EH3S-V)
  2. MP220 Profiling / Planing / Cutting Machine (MP220EH4S-V)
  3. MS300 Table Saw (MS300EH3S)

From the discussion I had with Ricardo Kauntz, Sales Representative Wood-Mizer Romania, MP360 is the most sold machine by Wood-Mizer in Romania, among those for secondary wood processing. Its starting price is €18,256. If you are interested in the above offers or simply want to find out more about Wood-Mizer machines, you can contact Ricardo directly on +40 755 20 20 30 or by

Wood-Mizer is an international company specialising in the production of woodworking equipment and machinery. With a global presence, Wood-Mizer offers a wide range of products for both primary and secondary wood processing. In Romania, Wood-Mizer is based in Șura Mică, in the county of Sura Mică, Romania. Sibiu. Details can be found on


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