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State-of-the-art machines for precise plank cutting and wood veneering from WINTERSTEIGER

With a long history in the woodworking industry, WINTERSTEIGER group has established itself as a prestigious name in the field, offering advanced technological solutions that meet the ever-changing demands of the market. One such technology is thin-cut which brings high precision in cutting wood by making thin wood slats without compromising quality and increasing material yield and minimizing waste. Along the same lines, new technologies for repairing, grouting and finishing wood reduce waste and increase the quality of the end product.

On the Romanian market, WINTERSTEIGER is represented by Woodprocess. Like the company it represents, Woodprocess is not only an equipment supplier, but also a reliable partner for its customers. The company offers complete solutions including expert advice, free training, transport, warranty, installation and commissioning as well as post-warranty technical support.

World of WOODTECH - A world of wood technology

WINTERSTEIGER is known worldwide for a wide range of products, from agricultural machinery to sporting goods and not least for quality woodworking machinery. Founded in 1953 in Obernberg am Inn, Austria, as a small agricultural machinery repair shop, the company has continuously evolved into a group with over 1,200 employees worldwide. In the field of woodworking, it is distinguished by the combination of 5 product areas under the heading "World of WOODTECH": blade production, wood surface repair and cosmetics, design and manufacture of saw blades and ribbon blades for vertical or horizontal band saws, automation solutions, cutting solutions for a wide range of materials, including lightweight materials.

A key part of the portfolio is thin-cutting technology that has redefined standards in the woodworking industry. This precise and efficient approach brings multiple benefits to users, including exceptional accuracy, increased yield and superior surface quality. TRC (Timber Repair & Cosmetics) machines for automated repair, grouting and cosmetics of wood surfaces complement this field, ensuring efficient production and flawless finishes.

The saw blades and ribbon blades division offers a variety of solutions and maintenance services to ensure optimal equipment performance. With the acquisition of SERRA Maschinenbau, the product range has also been extended to mobile and stationary gantries, strengthening WINTERSTEIGER's position as a complete supplier to the woodworking industry. Another important step was the acquisition of the majority stake in Heermann Maschinenbau (HEMA), thus diversifying the product and service portfolio. HEMA designs complete and customised cutting systems for a wide range of materials.

WINTERSTEIGER also offers customised solutions in the field of automation, from fully automated equipment to optimised production processes. The acquisition of VAP-WINTERSTEIGER has brought additional expertise in this field and helped to provide advanced technological solutions for the wood industry.

Increased wood yield and superior surface quality thanks to thin-cut technology

WINTERSTEIGER's thin-cut technology brings precision, high yield and superior surface quality. The equipment makes fine and precise cuts, and in the end thin layers of wood of the highest quality are obtained. The advantages are high material yield and high quality finishes, ready to be integrated into various products. A smooth, good quality surface that does not need calibration or sanding is a great advantage for any manufacturer.

WINTERSTEIGER DSB Compact XM ribbon saw for planks and flooring is an equipment that uses thin-cut technology making precise and quality cuts. The saw has a cutting width of up to 318 mm and an accuracy of up to 0.2 mm. It is equipped with a robust feed system and feed speed between 1 and 16 m/min, depending on the type of wood and the size of the pieces. This quality machine is equipped with an integrated continuous cleaning system that guarantees high cutting accuracy for both green and dry wood. The machine is easy to use, with the touch screen and intuitive menus guiding the operator through the program.

Options can be added to the basic configuration that offer distinct advantages, improving the saw's efficiency and performance according to each user's needs and preferences. Spraying system for green cutting increases the life of the cloths by reducing friction and preventing resin deposits. Optional water spraying - alternative to conventional spraying agents - loosens the mass of green sawdust, resin and lubricant. Roller table extension ensures optimum support of the workpiece, both when entering and leaving the machine. Modular flexibility makes it possible to easily position several saws in a line. The DSB range is modular to allow the insertion of up to 6 in-line saws that can be operated from either display. Power supply allows operators to operate several machines or perform several work processes simultaneously.

Full information about the WINTERSTEIGER DSB Compact XM ribbon saw can be found at here.

RIndustrial wood preparation and finishing reduces losses and increases productivity

Making the most efficient use of wood is very important for a producer, even more so when it comes to high cost quality species. Repairing knots, scratches or other defects allows the use of items that would otherwise become waste. However, manual repairs are time-consuming and lead to lower productivity. WINTERSTEIGER solves this problem by introducing TRC machines that repair and cosmeticize wood in a short time, making production more efficient.

TRC M-Easy WINTERSTEIGER wood grouting and finishing machine is the simplest model in the TRC range, designed for workshops and small factories. It is semi-automatic, but has very good production capacity and repairs all types of wood surface defects. The Duplex version has two circuits for two different colours of putty. It is the operator who chooses the colour according to the species of wood to be repaired. The machine can be used to repair solid and multi-layer floors and parquet, panels, plywood or furniture.

The advantages of the TRC M-Easy grouting machine are material savings, reduced labour costs, correct repair using the right colour. The grout used is thermoplastic, fills and repairs even large defects well, and the panels can be stacked immediately after repair. Detailed information about the machine can be found here.

Woodprocess - Your machinery supplier

Woodprocess is a relatively new name on the Romanian woodworking machinery market. Despite this, the team's experience exceeds 14 years. The company offers a wide range of equipment, from primary woodworking machines to CNCs and painting robots. The company's representatives do not want to be just sellers of machinery but want to provide know-how so that partners can benefit from the latest technologies in the field and the right information about their use in production flows.

The portfolio of products and solutions includes both turnkey solutions and individual equipment, both of which are tailored to the customer's needs. In addition to WINTERSTEIGER, the company is the sole representative of companies such as EARTIGLIO, TRAK-MET or SWT MASCHINENBAU and authorized representative for SALVADOR, MILLERMAC, CO.MA.FER, PADE, CML ENGINEERING, QUICKWOOD and many others.

The team offers advice on choosing the right machine, training, free training and guaranteed on-time delivery. They also offer expert service during the warranty and post-warranty period and access to original spare parts direct from the manufacturer. If necessary, it can provide advice on financing through established institutions such as BT Leasing Transilvania, Raiffeisen Leasing, BRD Leasing or BCR Leasing and specialist advice on European Fund projects.

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