WoodMatic is the distributor of PURETE in Romania

In the ever-evolving world of technology and industrial innovation, the Romanian company WoodMatic announces its new strategic collaboration with the Chinese company PURETE, marking a significant step in the penetration of Asian finishing and painting technologies in the Romanian furniture industry.

Recently returned from a visit to China, the WoodMatic team had the opportunity to visit the factories of KDT Machinery, a long-standing partner, and to meet many of the leading manufacturers in the furniture and machinery sector. These meetings culminated in the signing of an exclusive partnership with PURETE, a manufacturer with a consistent track record in eco-friendly and energy efficient finishes.

"Signing the contract with PURETE means closing a circle for us", said Radu Munteanu, WoodMatic National Sales Manager. "Now, alongside the KDT machines in the portfolio, which provide the necessary technology for cutting, milling and assembly, it will be the PURETE lines that will finish and paint the resulting furniture and objects, transforming them into the final product."

PURETE, founded in 2008 and becoming a public company in 2021, is a leading provider of painting and finishing solutions that address industry challenges such as pollution, high production costs and low automation. PURETE's production lines include advanced technologies for valance coating, casting, spraying, inert coating, laminating and packaging. They are widely used for a variety of materials including metal, plastic, glass and, in particular, wood and wood derivatives.

"We will thus offer turnkey factories that will supply the beneficiaries with the finished product, continuing to supply Romanian success stories with state-of-the-art technology at fair prices", added Radu Munteanu, WoodMatic representative.

In a global industrial climate where quality and efficiency are becoming imperative, WoodMatic and PURETE are committed to bringing the most innovative solutions to the Romanian and international market. The partnership promises to open new perspectives for Romanian furniture manufacturers, setting new standards of excellence and success.

"With the help of KDT Machinery's cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, we aim to bring Asian quality and innovation to the country and from here to international markets", concluded Rep. WoodMatic. The future looks promising for WoodMatic and its partners.

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