Mixtures of old and new in moderate doses

Antique furniture is appreciated for its beauty, craftsmanship and sometimes the complexity with which it was made. Especially if methods, techniques or materials were used that are either used less now or not at all. And some old things are even more durable than new ones. That's probably why it's said of a remarkable piece of old furniture that "it's a jewel".

old table

But not only for that but also for the story that makes it special. A family story that we want to continue or one that fascinates us and that we want to be part of.

with a decent dose of aesthetic sense, absolutely charming combinations can be achieved
old desk misszeit
the transparent chair further enhances the old wooden desk / image source: misszeit

These are objects we almost want because of their sentimental value, but at the same time we are attracted to new, minimalist furniture with simple lines and extremely functional.

old chair stadshem se 2
some of the most successful combinations are the unforced / image source:
old chairs_mechantdesign
an example of chairs that have found the right home / image source: mechantdesign

The combinations can be absolutely delightful. A room in which pieces from different times are combined has a special charm. But for a stunning effect they need to be placed in such a way that they complement each other and are set off. Some have sentimental value and this personal character gives unique charm to the whole space. Others are rare, valuable, collectible pieces, meant to stand out and be admired.

Sea Island Georgia_David Guilmet Design

Not all old objects are worth exchanging and replacing with new ones, but only those that are worn out, broken and outdated. Precious or valuable things should not be thrown away just because they are old. Old doesn't always mean outdated, quite the opposite,sometimes old is gold.


What would a bedroom look like with an old wooden floor, an old chandelier, a modern wrought iron bed and a modern painting? Spontaneity and preference will create the comfort you're looking for.

old-room fortheloveofahouse
image source: forloveofahouse
old mass stadshem se 2
image source:

The freedom to combine styles, materials, colours, new with old is one of the decorating ideas used by interior designers. By those who believe that mixes in moderate doses create unique and interesting spaces.

old stadshem mirror se
an old frame will stand out very well if it frames a mirror / image source:
old secretary 2
image source:

With a creative artistic sense, the old can also be integrated by reusing only certain parts of an old piece of furniture. They can be starting points for new furniture or other decorative elements. This kind of transformation is often chosen for pieces with a sentimental connection that are no longer in good condition, but whose life we want to extend. For example, an old table can keep the wooden top and change the basic structure, an old door can be reconditioned to preserve or even divert its original usefulness.


A modern painting can have an old frame refurbished, an old chair can have its finish and upholstery changed, and ideas can come and go depending on inspiration. Or have you thought that a secretaire or a display cabinet would no longer fit in your new living room and would be more suitable in the bathroom for storing towels and cosmetics, or that an old chest of drawers could be the base of a washbasin?

Bathroom Furniture belclairehouse
the display case fits so well in the bathroom as if it was invented for this purpose / image source: belclairehouse
image source: vtinteriors
image source: houzz

Even a simple relocation of existing furniture can change the mood and 'feel' of a room. So, if you are the happy owner of such authentic "valuables" place them where you want them and if you feel they are in the right place then you have made the perfect mix of new and old.



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  • Nice article! I enjoyed reading it at morning tea. I too love reusing old frames for new photos. Have a lovely day!

  • Very nice article, thank you and we hope to see more and more on this topic, because this trend is on the rise in Romania. Through this style of decoration, maybe we manage to save as much as is left of the Romanian cultural heritage, old Romanian furniture, integrated back into everyday life. For me it is spectacular

    • Thank you very much for your appreciation. It really is quite a common approach among young people, and the resulting combinations are interesting and surprising 🙂


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