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Before BIFE SIM we receivedAccesoria Group invitation to discover the new range of furniture fronts presented for the first time on this occasion. The images, shown beforehand - just to arouse our curiosity even more - were interesting and promising. Still, I thought, "what could be more than panels with different finishes and textures?" I'd seen enough of them over the years that I didn't think a podus from the furniture front range would surprise me. And yet it did, and the video at the end of the article, shot on the stand Accessory at the fair explains this.

Derived panels or wood?

A difficult answer to give. Not because the prints are so well done that you hardly recognise the imitation. Nor because the wood grain is reproduced in relief. But because it's simply wood. I'll explain in a moment.

One of the 4 ranges of the collection Sensations is called Print. The products of the range are panels veneered with thick veneer of softwood. This wood is machined, sanded and printed so that it feels like solid wood. Some of the designs are hand crafted reproducing effects and marks left by time on the wood.

Making the panels is a combination of advanced technology and manual labour. Wood finished in a certain way or with the imprint of the passage of time is scanned using the latest technology and the pattern is reproduced on the resin blind. And when the machine is unable to reproduce the 'feeling', the 'experience', then man steps in and hand processes the wood to put that warmth we want to feel. And indeed, touching the panels you feel the wood, it is there.

The advantage of panels is that less valuable wood can be used to reproduce the appearance of rare, special species, hard-to-find effects (walnut root, peacock's-eye palms). Printed and processed resinous veneer can be put on any type of panel: chipboard, MDF, plywood, etc.

This state-of-the-art technique makes it possible to copy the effects produced by the passage of time and the long use of wood, and there is even a story of one of the models shown, which you will discover by watching the film.

furniture fronts

Sensations in 4 games

Sensations Collection are 4 game. That's probably how I should have started, but the impression made by ..."Impression." was so powerful that it changed the order. The other three games are Skin, Texture andi Reflection andi are produced in Austria by an experienced company that continually brings innovations to the field.

Panels in the range Texture are made with melamine in several layers. This allows you to create patterns that you "discover" by running your hand over the surface of the panels. Skin is the range of textured plastic coated panels. They reproduce, both visually and tactilely, a variety of wood species and finishes.

IfPrint will certainly be appreciated by those in love with antique furnitureof rustic and shabby chic, Reflectionwill impress the modernists. It's acrylic-coated panels, a durable and easy-to-process material that creates both high-gloss and matte surfaces or mirrors with perfect reflection. And this time I invite you to watch the video to see for yourself.

Where, how and why

Perhaps I should start with "why?". Because they're interesting, they're special and you can use them to make unique furniture, tableware, wall cladding or flooring.

All these furniture panels can be delivered to furniture manufacturers, cut to the desired dimensions and with the edge applied byAccessory Groupwhich processes them with modern, state-of-the-art equipment in its own workshop.

All models are in stock and can be delivered in desired quantities. The collection is available on the website Accessoryand the order can also be sent directly by email to

I leave you now to see the Sensations collection presented by Gabriela Popliuc, representing Accesoria Group, which she says is her soul collection.

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Mihaela Radu is a chemical engineer but has a great passion for wood. She has been working in the field for more than 20 years, wood finishing being what defined her during this period. She gained experience working in a research institute, in her own company, as well as in a multinational. She wants to continuously share her experience with those who have the same passion - and more.

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