Why do we need creatives?

Because they have ideas. Because they are different. Because they love what they do and do what they feel. Because they go beyond the artistic epatation and come up with practical solutions. They create with imagination and we are happy when we discover them. They produce emotions because each piece tells a story. They work hard to convey the story, the emotion, the mood. They pay attention to detail and strive to surpass themselves. They are original, they want to attract attention, they like to surprise, they love to stand out. They get involved because they feel and understand the need for progress and change. They innovate and get us moving.

My selection of concrete examples is based on both the aesthetic and practical elements of each product. Of interest is the laminate furniture produced by Furniture line. For the table they used triple layered poplar plywood finished with clear lacquer. The chairs made using modern laser-cutting technology are distinguished by irregular curved lines as if they had taken on the shape of those who sat on them.


Wooden glasses you can choose from, but if you like these you can learn more about themhere.

eyewear glasses

They are handcrafted from walnut, cherry and oak, and birch inserts have been used to increase strength and flexibility. They're smooth, delicate yet robust.

eyewear glasses

Inspired by times gone by, the creators Lunet Eyewear made a monocle in two versions - oak and walnut. More as a symbol of elegance and for its original use than for its original purpose. Those who like simple and refined accessories will certainly appreciate it and know how to put it to good use.


With wood from our softwood forests you create unique products without wanting to. That's how the wooden-bound notebooks produced by Maria Buracu. For the simplest of the designs, he chose fir wood and three finishes: natural, olive green and brown.

woodish wood covers

wooden covers

The following accessories are 100% made in Romania and combine fashion and wood in a distinguished and exclusive way. This brand proposes a natural version of the classic bow ties by using wood as an alternative material. There are their websitecharacterful designs made from various hardwood species.


patore bow tie wood

Each of these products makes valuable use of wood, whether it is a reinterpretation of basic products or an aesthetic one where wood has been used as an alternative material. For all these products the passion and attention to detail does not stop at creation. This is another reason why they have been among my favourites.

My appreciation to all for both the creations and the way each chose to present.

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Anamaria has over 15 years of experience in marketing and communications for companies in the furniture industry and retail. Prior to Ces Brands she coordinated marketing activities at ICLA Romania.

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