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Visit us at BIFE-SIM to choose your new "colleagues"!

From 13 to 17 September 2017, Accesoria Group, through its Equipment Division, will meet you again at BIFE-SIM, at Romexpo. If you are thinking of an investment in specialized and high-performance equipment for furniture production, the Accesoria Group stand will present complete solutions for the production of quality furniture. The plan of activities and demonstrations at the fair will certainly help you make the best decision.

Accesoria Group, via Equipment Divisionoffers top solutions to all furniture manufacturers who want to differentiate themselves through quality and high team performance, from furniture design and supply to optimization and production. Designed for intuitive use and flawless results, the equipment in our portfolio requires minimal time investment in training, operation and maintenance. By choosing machines from specialist manufacturers, you are guaranteed to use reliable, dependable and high-performing machines with minimal manpower on the shop floor.
Here are some of the machines you will see at work on the Accesoria Group Equipment Division stand:

Point K2 TOP [Vitap] - this CNC performs cutting, drilling, feeding and profiling operations. With one operator, you can produces a kitchen in a record 45 minutes. Two of the particular advantages of this material are the 1200 mm Y-axis capacity and the possibility of drilling in 5 directions. Thanks to the clamping system, the Point K2 TOP can perform processing on all 4 sides. This clamping system guarantees maximum stability and precisioneven when processing very thin boards (4 mm MDF).

equipment for furniture production

CORPUS - is a Innovative software that simplifies and streamlines design, tendering, production and optimisation processes. CORPUS is a real-time, real-space 3D design tool - kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices - simplicity and speed are the basic features of this program. The flexibility of the program allows major changes to projects in just a few seconds and the generation of new offers in line with them.

Astra 400 [Casolin] - Circular saw to shape both chipboard and MDF or solid wood. The sliding system of the mobile sled is unique: the rollers of the mobile table are made of a special steel and are inserted by a special cold processing method, patented by Casolin, which guarantees excellent cutting precision and linearity. Independent motor incher makes it foolproof.

Compact range [Cehisa] - singing machine fits in the smallest workshops, but gives you the quality and efficiency of an industrial machine. Optimal for small and medium sized manufacturers who want a customisable machine and quality results, and for those who want to configure the machine later with all finishing groups.

PRO range [Cehisa] - for medium and large production departments, the machines in this range provide complete edge processing thanks to the cutting and rounding units provided. Working time is optimised when changing between two edge thicknesses (0.4 mm - 2 mm). This is done automatically, using pneumatic system for positioning the pressing, milling and radius-cycling units (on/off). With PRO edgebanders, large panels can be easily processed at high speeds without reducing the quality of the finish.

In addition, at the fair you can enjoy one-off offers for the year on all machines. And if you sign up to visit before the event, you get an additional benefits package, which is added to the special fair prices.

We look forward to seeing you at BIFE-SIM to see these machines at work and to convince you of the benefits of Corpus processing software through demonstrations.

ACCESORIA GROUP | Equipment Division

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