Newsletter 3 May 2024

We renew ourselves for Easter! We are renewing the newsletter. Our intention is to contain news and other news that can influence the world of wood, both those who use it and those who work in this field. For example, you will find here, every Friday morning, even AI news. Of course AI news that can influence companies and people working in the wood industry.

We hope that, over time, the content will become more and more complex and relevant for all of you who follow us. Let's get started!

  • This is the time of year when many companies publish their first quarter results for 2024, a good time to find out how the global economy and various markets in particular are performing. You already know from last week that Akzo Nobel has already published them. It's the turn of Södra to let them know.
  • LIGNA.25 announced that it will focus on a total of 3 key topics LIGNA.Connectivity, LIGNA.Sustainable Production and LIGNA.Engineered Wood. Details here
  • Apple is in talks with OpenAI for a partnership, according to Bloomberg
  • What a 400-year-old company looks like you can see here
  • Finacial Times has announced a strategic partnership with OpenAI that will allow ChatGPT to answer questions in, you guessed it, finance. See details here
  • In-house events are multiplying. We attended the one organised by Paolino Bacci during Salone del Mobile, from which we will return next week with details. IMA Schelling also announces an event of this kind. Details here. The advantages of organising such an event are not to be neglected. Obviously, the costs are the main disadvantage but, following the trends, it seems to be profitable. A phenomenon that organisers of major annual events in particular need to look at carefully. A subject to be analysed and discussed more closely after Xylexpo.
  • What a live-training looks like for 2 young carpenters preparing to represent Germany at the WorldSkills Lyon 2024, you can see here
  • CLASSEN Group announces the launch of the CERAMIN Nuva range
  • Marius Șoflete announces the new exhibition-festival event - nZEB EXPO in Bucharest, 14-16 June 2024 and Cluj, 1-3 November 2024. Marius has 2 partners, one older and one newer, helping him with the organization. Details here.
  • Entries for the German Design Awards 2025 are now open. Winner gets the chance to showcase their designs in TV production "Europe ByDesign" in the US on CBS and worldwide. That's something! Details here
  • We took the opportunity of our presence at Holz-Handwerk 2024 to talk to Claudio Filippi-SAOMAD and Florin Dumitrașcu-Manager Ligna Dumi Tech. Details here
  • Giardina Group opens the doors of the Giampiero Mauri Innovation Center during Xylexpo. There will be tests with Sirca, ICA and others. To be able to participate in tests with a specific brand of varnishes you have to choose one of the available days. Find details here.
  • The nZEB caravan arrives in Constanta from 17-19 May 2024. Details here
  • JOWAT offers a powerful and flexible solution, they say, for modern soldering processes. Find out here what the solution is
  • If you haven't already heard about the Build-in-Wood Demonstrator, it's time to take an interest
  • See here a lift with a very elegant wooden cabin from the pre-war period, found by the Urban Resistance in Bucharest

That's it for today. Peaceful Easter to those celebrating this weekend. See you next week.

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I've had the chance to work in various departments. Thus I gained experience in Finance, Accounting, Logistics, Sales, Operations, Marketing. I am a team player and an all around player. I am an entrepreneur, I coordinated the sale of a wood varnish and paint business to a multinational. In 2016 I discovered the digital world, publishing and online marketing. Since then I have moved my accumulated experience and skills online.

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