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Lohmeyer DBS525IQ pack formatting circular knitting machine - safe investment, guaranteed productivity

The move to mass production often comes with the need for machines that increase productivity and reduce working time. To produce a large number of chipboard furniture units a circular with table, be it industrial, may not be enough for this. Series patterns mean many identical parts and getting them in one cut increases productivity considerably. The formatting circular in pack Lohmeyer DBS525IQ from Danibrum Romaniahelps in such situations. It's for businesses looking to take their cutting to the next level, with productivity and quality guaranteed by the manufacturer. Danibrum assures us that by purchasing this packaged formatting circular, you benefit from modern and reliable cutting technology at an affordable price, your investment is secure and your productivity increase is guaranteed.

lohmeyer danibrum formatting circular in package

Lohmeyer DBS525IQ - high flexibility on a stable basis

The Lohmeyer packet former, distributed by Danibrum Romania, is a robust and very stable machine that is also very flexible. It can process several types of material with the same precision, has its own software that allows the operator to choose the most suitable cutting program and is equipped with devices that allow easy handling of the plate pack. Below, the manufacturer's arguments in favour of such an investment:

Lohmeyer DBS525IQ allows perfect alignment of tiles of different sizes, which ensures a continuous, qualitative and very precise cut. The standard package includes an optimisation program to achieve high output, with all parameters displayed on a 15-inch screen. This gives the operator real-time control over the performance of even the most complex forming diagrams, while having the flexibility to choose the optimal program. The operating software used, called Lohmeyer Controlis an intuitive software dedicated to this machine, with real-time graphical display of cuts and error diagnosis.

The alignment arm slide system (1200 mm), is of the rack and pinion type, the arm is driven by the program so that to achieve perfect 90° cuts.

The machine allows processing of several types of material, ensuring production flexibility. This is made possible by the stepless, frequency converter adjustable forward speed of the blade carriage. The speed can be adapted according to the material and pack height. At the end of the cut - detected by an optical sensor - the blade is lowered automatically, thus improving energy consumption by reducing the running time of the blade motors.

The sail carriage sliding system is a professional, high-performance system consisting of a rack and pinion. The system allows operation at high speeds without vibration, which provides superior cutting accuracy time after time.

A problem with the formatting of chipboard is the protection of the melamine, which can be damaged when clamped. In the case of the Lohmeyer forming circular, edge protection is done by placing rubber press supports on the panel clamps. A magnetic strip ensures the precise positioning of the clamp-holder carriage without deviation. This eliminates the maintenance requirements and periodic adjustments typical of conventional variants.

The reinforced structure of the press beam made of treated and welded steel frames eliminates torsion and is specially designed for avoidance of shearing of the edges by even pressure distribution on the entire surface of the workpieces.

The loading tables feature air cushion - a real advantage in simple and easy handling of the material to be formatted. The system with metal valve and direct ball sealing allows fast handling of the colas with minimal operator effort.

lohmeyer danibrum formatting circular in package

The benefits of the circular formatting packet Lohmeyer DBS525IQ

Buying such a circular comes with benefits guaranteed by the manufacturer. Here are just a few of them:

  • speed and precision in processing
  • the security of a continuous, professional flow
  • reducing additional, unproductive time
  • reducing energy consumption
  • intuitive, dedicated software

Formatting circular in package Lohmeyer DBS525IQ combines the flexibility required by the wide variety of sizes with high quality cuts and no dimensional deviations, while protecting the melamine on the edges. Technologies updated to European safety and production standards place Lohmeyer DBS525IQ in the top of the packet formatting circulators for its price category, offering future prospects in the professional flow field.

Danibrum Romania specialists, trained and certified at Lohmeyer in Germany, can provide you at any time with both technical-financial advice regarding the purchase and the necessary after-sales technical support. All you have to do is contact.

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